Franklin Township Cemeteries

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Completely updated for Rural Cemetery, partially updated for Felicity Cemetery.

Franklin Township Cemeteries


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Franklin Township Trustees present a certificate to Max Turner, one of three boy scouts who completed their Eagle Scout project on a Franklin Township Cemetery in 2018. Max built two benches and coordinated over 150 hours of volunteer time at Felicity Cemetery.

Three Boy Scouts completed their Eagle Scout projects in Franklin Township cemeteries in 2018. Joey Glassmeyer (left, rear), Max Turner (right, rear) and Jared Hamilton (left, front). They are pictured with Max’s dad.

Joey Glassmeyer installed a new fence and coordinated over 100 hours of volunteer labor for clean up at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Jared Hamilton cleared a driveway to Rural Cemetery, cleaned and cataloged headstones and coordinated over 100 hours of volunteer work at Rural Cemetery.